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When you arrive to an eSkript that is not public, click on ‘Login here’.


If you want to login first, use this link here!

What is eSkript?

It is a web platform that enables you to easily produce interactive (lecture) material. We have enabled annotation: private and public comments on a page, on a paragraph, a sentence, or even a word can be made. Naturally, peers (and lecturers) can react to the public comments. Finally, you can use all the interactive modules of h5p.


What is web annotation?

Here is a good video intro by KQED Teach:


Here is a video by students on web annotation!
(Thank you, Judit Jaeger, Jeyaraj Sakana & Silvio Lorenzetti.)

Contact: Sarah Frederickx, sarah.frederickx@hest.ethz.ch